Combined NLA 612,890 SF
Combined Carrying Value US$132M
Portfolio Weight 9.5%


Westmoor Center

10055 - 10385 Westmoor Drive Westminster, Colorado
Carrying Value US$132M
Committed Occupancy 96.6%
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At A Glance

Denver, Colorado is categorised as one of the hottest inland markets in the country for businesses growing their footprint. It has one of the fastest growing populations with a well-educated millennial workforce. Denver boasts a widening pool of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)-based technology and research talent. A large beneficiary of California out-migration with convenient access to stunning national parks, Denver remains a top destination for experienced skiers, hikers, mountain climbers and outdoor adventurers alike. The influx of Google, Apple, Twitter and Amazon employees settling into Boulder has been a massive driver for large aerospace, oil and gas companies relocating to the approximately 8 million sf office submarket of Westminster.

A northwest corridor situated between Denver and Boulder, Westminster is the only suburban market currently capturing the Denver draw for A-list companies and top technology talent amidst the unique natural beauty and outstanding quality of life.

12th Fastest Growing City
Fastest Growing US City 9th 11,053 population rise from 2017-2018
Vacancy Average
Vacancy Average 8.5% Across Northwest submarket Class A office assets
Northwest Corridor Migration
Northwest Corridor Migration The moratorium on new development in Boulder is successfully pushing mature technology companies into the Northwest corridor.

Growth Metrics

GDP Growth Average
2013-2017(1): U.S. average 2.2%
Employment Growth Average
2014-2018(2): U.S. average 1.8%
Population Growth Average
2014-2018(3): U.S. average 0.7%
  • (1) U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
  • (2) U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • (3) U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division

Quality of Life

Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport
Walnut Creek Golf Preserve
Colorado Hills
Standley Lake
Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge
Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre
Denver Art Museum
Skiing and Snowboarding